Top 200 magazine covers. USSR 1950-1959


This album contains covers of the most popular Soviet magazines published in the 1950s. On the one hand, this is an objective look at the past, the period that went down in history as the “Khrushchev Thaw”, and at the issues people were concerned about and the topics that were most relevant. The reader will see how the design of publications changed depending on the trends of the era and how politics influenced art. On the other hand, this is a subjective view of “the country itself”, of what the USSR was like in the domestic and foreign arenas.

This book contains 500 high-resolution scans, preceded by a review article about the features of the Soviet press of that period, as well as more than fifty mini-comments on specific magazines. The text is published in Englishand Russian. The publication will be interesting for those who study 20th century history, as well as designers and illustrators.


Format 160×200 mm, hardcover, spine rounding, ribbon, 600 dpifull-color printing, premium quality matte coated paper, 244 pages.

Edition language: English, Russian



The book with covers of the most popular Soviet magazines covers published in the 1950s and 1960s